Customer service at its best.

Steven C.

This company is just great! We just did a big project that involved a new dock system and all new railings leading up to the house form the water. We had a few growing pains trying to figure out what dock system was going to work best due to the fact the water can get outrageously rough where we are. I called them after the first install stating we had a problem with a part coming loose. I am not kidding, they were there in ten minutes!! The entire team in the water securing things and evaluating what needed to be done to correct it. They eventually decided that changing the design was necessary. Once this was decided, they promptly removed the dock and took it back to the shop in order to modify. They had it back in the water and set up for use the same day. The problem was solved and we did not have to incur any additional charge. At that point, I knew we had found our company to build the new railings. We worked through the summer on the design. Decided on one, only to change our minds at the last minute to go with a sleeker cable railing system. Legacy Dock Company did not skip a beat! We went back to the drawing board and came up with a new design that we absolutely love. Everyone who visits comments on how beautiful they are! We are thrilled with them. Legacy Dock Company has a very talented team who cares immensely about the quality of their product and the service they provide. I am so happy we finally have a dock company that has our back!!